Katz Pics

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Busted, up in Buffalo...

Keuka Katz at Union Block Bistro
Keuka Katz at the Union Block Bistro
Keuka Katz at Heron Hill Winery with Bobby Adams
Katz at AJ's
Katz at AJ's in Bath
Jailed for the SPCA fund raiser
Jeff joins us at Heron Hill Winery
Woody & Ace at Maloney's Pub
Ace with Jim Shaw and Joe Sick on harp at his 50th birthday party!
Woody joined by Cassidy Case on "Monkey & the Engineer"
Woody joined by Cassidy Case on "Monkey & the Engineer"
The Keuka Katz on the lake
Jamming on the bow of "The Wet Dream II" on Keuka Lake
We love to play near the water
Woody on his son's guitar
Woody at Heron Hill Winery
Just a couple of old, dirty, bikers!
In the park, Hammondsport, NY
Ace at Heron Hill Winery 2004
Ace at Maloney's Pub in Hammondsport, NY
Two old goats and a kid!
At the Hammondsport Carnival in Hammondsport, NY
Hammondsport Fireman's Carnival 2004
Cassidy sits'in at Heron Hill
Ace & Cassidy Case at Heron Hill gig
We love playing while overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake!
Straighten up and fly right, Woody!
Woody in 2001
Ace at the skins!
Early Keuka Katz at the Waterfront on Keuka Lake
Ace at the skins
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